As the day approaches when hundreds of children will be sitting down to do their 11Plus exam, the sigh of relief from tutors, parents and even the children themselves, reverberates around the county. A year’s hard slog, sometimes two, has finally come to an end. So, as a tutor, one of the big obstacles to 11Plus success is how to keep motivation going. However bright and dedicated the child is, no-one can get through all the extra work without feeling some blip in their focus. One solution, which seems to be working, is a routine of Star Tests which recap the work from the previous lesson. They are completed by the student at the start of a session, under timed conditions to keep it short and snappy, and with the end enticement of a prize if score is 80% or above. I’ll try to keep a record of these Tests on this blog, useful resources for any student/tutor/parent who wants to hone their skills.

Now the prize has to be decent! My Box of Goodies (as students have named it) contains: glitter pens, bouncy balls, highlighters, special rubbers, aeroplane gliders, wordsearch books, tattoos and yes, the ubiquitous sweets!

Click on the link below to take you to a Nouns Star Test.