Reading Record

A problem that I come up against as a tutor, is how to keep track of my students’ reading. Also, the students find it frustrating when I fling the question at them, ‘so what happened in your book this week?’ and their mind goes blank. So I created a reading record to go in the back of their Rule Book. This record should be completed at least weekly, some of the keen ones might even add to it daily. However, regularity is the key. To start them off, I give clear examples of what kind of comments to make on the book to ensure that the notes are beneficial to both tutor and tutee. This means that key narrative concepts such as: plot, setting, character, genre, language, and structure are commented on. The comments should be brief but relevant to these ideas. I’ll let you know how it works out!






Black Beauty

Read 3 chapters. Introduced to main character, Black Beauty. Story told from horses point of view, and in first person.


Black Beauty

Read 4 chapters. Introduced to new character called Ginger who becomes friends with BB. Plot getting tense when fire in stables. The setting is changing from the countryside to London


Black Beauty

Read 4 more chapters. Plot sad now as BB is with a cruel owner. Language is difficult sometimes as the book was written in Victorian times. Some words like ‘hansome’ are new to me, but it means a horse taxi.


Black Beauty

Finished! Enjoyed this book even though the language was sometimes hard. I think the genre would be a fictional autobiography since BB is telling his story.