So, these last few weeks have been truly mind blowing. It all started when I came across Chris Curtis' blog: http://learningfrommymistakesenglish.blogspot.com. He gave me the courage to throw my trusty acronyms out the window... A FOREST out you go! Finally, I feel unfettered from these chains which I have repeated parrot fashion to my students each time we approached a piece of writing. Ok, it worked well as a weekly spelling discipline of the main literary techniques but beyond that I doubted its effectiveness. I convinced myself that it would nudge students to craft complex and convincing imagery, with dazzling sound effects and powerful moods. However, the reality was forced and shallow.

What now? I gaze out the window, misty eyed as onomatopoeia hurdles over the fence... Trust. Trust in my students, trust in the Literary Greats and trust in myself.